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IMPORTANT: All of Shep's speeches are customized. He works with you to understand your audience, your theme and your goals for the presentation. The following titles and concepts can be mixed and matched to create the perfect program for your audience.

NOTE TO MEETING PLANNERS AND CLIENTS: Information about booking Shep, such as fees, bio, introduction, A/V requirements and more, are at the bottom of this page.


Creating “Moments of Magic,” Customer Loyalty, Excellent Customer Service Customer Relations

These topics and themes are the basis for Shep’s customer service  presentations.  They MomentsMagic_CoverComp_R4-1focus on how important service is in today’s world. Make your organization a star in your customers’ eyes. Some of the topics in these presentations include Jan Carlzon’s Moments of Truth, Moments of Magic, parallels between selling and service, meeting and exceeding expectations, handling confrontations, building relationships and more.  Shep supports all of the concepts with specific “how to’s” that the audience members will want to immediately put into action.

The Amazement Revolution: Seven Customer Service Strategies to Create an Amazing Customer (and Employee) Experience

The Amazement Revolution Book - Customer Service BookShep’s New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling book has turned into one of his most requested speeches.  The Amazement Revolution is the culture that can drive any organization – from one employee to tens of thousands – to focus completely on delivering an amazing customer experience.  Shep’s simplistic concept of Customer Amazement is about being better than average, all of the time. The speech builds on some of Shep’s time tested concepts and adds new strategies and techniques.

The Cult of the Customer: Create an Amazing Customer Experience that Turns Satisfied Customers Into Customer Evangelists

Cult of the Customer - Customer Service BookThis presentation is based on Shep’s Wall Street Journal bestselling book of the same name.  This speech will take your audience through the five “cults,” or phases, that all companies must go through to create an experience that turns your satisfied customers into customer evangelists.  The audience will be introduced to a concept that leads both customers and employees through five distinct cultural phases – from “uncertainty” to “amazement.”  Beyond the concept, Shep shares specific strategies that the audience will be able to implement immediately.

Internal Customer Service

This is important to every employee of any business; from upper management to front line employees. Customer service is not a department. It is a philosophy that includes every employee of the best companies.  Everyone has customers!  Some of the areas discussed include the concept of the internal customer, management’s responsibility to model behavior and building better relationships at work. The front line may service, sell and have the most contact with the “outside” customer, but the internal people serve everyone else in the organization. Servicing and treating fellow employees like customers will have a direct positive effect on your organization’s customer service/satisfaction program. Teamwork concepts can also be brought into this program.

You Are the Magic!

This motivational speech combines humor, magic, information and motivation to create an exciting and enlightening presentation for all types of audiences. It is a fun program that can incorporate parts of Shep’s service programs or can include topics such as personal excellence, goal setting, turning negatives into positives, teamwork and more. This is an outstanding program for banquets and special events.

Focus On the Customer – LIVE!

Perhaps your organization has held focus groups where customers are brought into a comfortable environment and asked questions. Imagine taking the focus group live, in front of your organization’s executives, sales people, etc. Shep Hyken will host and facilitate a focus group in front of your audience. Shep will learn specific information about your business and industry, learn about your customers, and develop questions to ask them. But most importantly, Shep will open the session up for questions from the audience. Your people will be able to ask these customers virtually any questions they have ever wanted to ask – no holds barred! Shep encourages participation and keeps the program moving with high energy and his own brand of humor. (You might say this is a cross between Phil Donahue and Jay Leno!)

Customer Service Training Workshop

The Customer FocusShep Hyken has created The Customer Focus, a customer service training workshop that is dedicated to delivering outstanding customer service to both external and internal customers.  Shep has a number of professional trainers and facilitators that are “approved” to deliver the program.  For more information, click here.


For Meeting Planners and Clients:

Discover how to create an amazement revolution with a customized presentation from professional customer service speaker Shep Hyken.