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Book by Shep Hyken – A National  Bestseller
52 Tools for Delivering the Most Amazing Customer Service on the Planet
You must deliver an amazing customer experience. Why? It is the competitive edge of new-era business–in any market and any economy. Delivering amazing service requires everyone in your organization to step up and be a leader. It doesn’t take a title. It takes the right set of tools and principles. Here you will find 52 tools and tactics you need to transform your company into a seriously customer-focused operation that will amaze every customer every time.  Amaze Every Customer »

Amaze Every Customer Every Time

240 page hardback book

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Book by Shep Hyken – A New York Times Bestseller
Seven Customer Service Strategies to Create an Amazing Customer (and Employee) Experience.
In this exceptional guide to the principle of customer amazement, bestselling author Shep Hyken uses fifty companies as role-model examples to teach seven powerful strategies that will kick-start the revolution in your organization.

The Amazement Revolution

224 page hardback book

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The Customer Focus online virtual and interactive training program brings our customer service training direct to the learner’s computer! Individual licenses are available for $199.00. We also offer a corporate/group license with substantial discounts. This option is an affordable way to bring customer service training to potentially everyone in your organization, thereby creating a stronger customer service culture that builds loyal relationships with customers and creates a better environment for employees. Please contact us for a price quote based on number of participants and locations.
(If you are interested in one of our trainers conducting a customer service workshop at your location, visit The Customer Focus website – or just call us to discuss.)

customer service training

Customer Service Online Virtual Training Program

Individual license: $199.00

(Contact us for corporate/group license pricing.)

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Book by Shep Hyken – A Wall Street Journal Bestseller
Create an Amazing Customer Experience that Turns Satisfied Customers into Customer Evangelists!
The Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Amazon.com bestseller! This book is filled with lessons, strategies and case studies that will show you how to build a customer service culture that will make your customers and employees say, “Wow!” And, now there is a free version of the book as an iPhone app!

The Cult of the Customer

256 page hardback book

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Book by Shep Hyken
Be a Star With Your Customers and Keep Them Forever!
Shep’s first book, now revised and re-written to include up-to-date examples on how you can be a star with your customer! This is a clearly written, easy-to-read, easy to understand guide to customer service, and is for anyone in any job. Filled with information, techniques, and stories, it will teach you and everyone in your organization to deliver excellent service to your internal and outside customers.


Moments of Magic$19.95
156 page hardback book

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Video Training DVD for Individuals
(Includes mp3 audio version)
Load a DVD into your computer and experience one of Shep Hyken’s customer service seminars. First you will learn about the Moments of Magic™ concept. Then, you’ll enjoy Shep’s famous Taxi Cab Story. In this thoroughly engaging, high-content video seminar you’ll learn about building rapport, managing first impressions, communicating more effectively, exceeding expectations, and much more. While you’re learning these practical strategies, you’ll be totally entertained with Shep’s amazing presentation style.

Phenomenal Customer Service DVD

80 Minute Minute Training DVD (Includes mp3 audio version)

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Book by Shep Hyken
In this short book/lesson you will learn the difference between a satisfied customer and a loyal customer. Frank is a cab driver who knew that satisfied customers might give him a nice tip, but loyal customers would call him every time they needed a cab. Read this book and learn the secrets to creating customer loyalty!

Loyal Customer

A Lesson From A Cab Driver


Paperback Book & eBook $11.95

64 page paperback Book $8.95

eBook in PDF format $5.97

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by Shep Hyken
Every week for a full year you will receive, via email, a business tip that will help you deliver better service and improve relationships with the people you work with. Many great ideas!

customer service series


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A Mini Course By Shep Hyken
This is a short/mini course on strategies to deliver outstanding service and achieve customer loyalty. Take the time to complete the course and it could change the way you do business!

Win customers for life

Complimentary Mini Course

Book by Shep Hyken
If you own an iPhone, iPod Touch or Android Phone, you may want to consider three apps that I’ve made available to clients and friends (at no charge). For those that don’t have the iPhone, iTouch or Android phone, don’t worry, some of the content is available online.

iPhone and Android Apps

iPhone & Android Apps