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Def of Customer ServiceJust the other day I was asked for the definition of customer service. In the context of our conversation I stated that it was the way the customer is treated by anyone in the company before, during and after the sale. Then, just for fun, I did a Google search on “The definition of customer service.” There were quite a few answers, as you could imagine. So, for even more fun, I tweeted the following: Writing an article and thought to “Tweet Source” some research: What’s your definition of customer service? #Custserv Continue reading

Cutting CostsBusiness Policies & Rules

Not that long ago I wrote about how some companies create bad rules that are based on a very small percentage of customers taking advantage of the company. Sometimes this creates a negative and un-friendly policy that can erode good relationships that the company might have with their customers. Continue reading

Customer SuccessCustomer Service Culture

In the past year or so we’ve seen the word customer success used by a number of forward thinking companies. Is this just another fancy name for customer service? Maybe it’s an updated way of a company saying, “We’re here for you when you need us. We want you to be successful.” While those loose definitions sound great, the official meaning of the term, in today’s business environment, is quite different from what we think of as traditional customer service. Continue reading

This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post, my colleague Christian Gondek writes about contact centers and what they need to do to be seen as customer service centers. It is key to create a consistent positive experience, which creates confidence, that ultimately can lead to customer loyalty. Shep Hyken  Continue reading

Disney Turns 60Customer Service Role Model

Disney is one of my favorite companies on the planet. I’ve been to Disneyland and Disney World more than 75 times. And, Disney is one of the ultimate customer service role models, which is why whenever I hear about a new book or an article about Disney, I read it. Many lessons can be learned by understanding how Walt Disney approached leadership, culture and the guest experience. Continue reading

Lost LoyaltyThis article might be perceived as a rant, but stay with me because I think you will agree there is a very valid point and lesson at the end. I’m frustrated that a customer may show intense loyalty to a business, and that business may reciprocate with appreciation, until there is a change of circumstances that causes the customer’s buying habits to change – none of which have to do with doing business elsewhere. The airlines offer a perfect example of the point I’m trying to make. Continue reading

Smartphone BlindersCustomer Behavior

It wasn’t that long ago that there were just two ways someone could buy something; either in a store or through the mail – if you were willing to wait four to six weeks for delivery. Today the typical mail order purchase has been replaced with the ability to go online, either through your computer or mobile device. And instead of the merchandise arriving in four to six weeks, it takes just a day or two – and sometimes just an hour or two. Continue reading