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This week on our Friends on Friday guest blog post, my colleague Dan Goss shares his thoughts on the automation of the customer service department. This is an important topic as many times contacting your company for help is the first contact a customer has with your organization.   – Shep Hyken Continue reading

Customer Service Week 2015 InfographicCustomer Service Tips

This week is Customer Service Week. It shouldn’t be a week. It should be all the time. None the less, it has become recognized as a week to celebrate and promote customer service. Take the time to do something special for your customers or employees. Continue reading

Chasing the MoneyThis week is National Customer Service Week and I hope you are taking time to emphasize customer service. I always ask, “Why just a week?”  Shouldn’t we deliver and celebrate great customer service all year – year after year!  How about National Customer Service EVERY Week. I hope you enjoy this article and continue to have an Amazing week.

 Take care of your customer and the money will follow. Continue reading

Bruce TurkelOctober 6: Bruce Turkel on 7 Steps to Building Your Brand

Shep Hyken speaks with Bruce Turkel, branding guru, speaker and author, about the seven steps to building your brand. Bruce has helped to create some of the world’s most compelling brands. Bruce defines branding as the feeling of your company that precedes you into the room and stays after you leave. If you want to know how to define your brand and your authentic truth, then tune in to listen to what Bruce has to say. Continue reading

CS Starts at the TopNext week is National Customer Service Week and Tuesday, October 6 is CX Day. These “celebrations,” for lack of a better term, are meant to remind us about what is so important to every business; the customer service experience. With that, here are a few of my favorite concepts that we must always consider (and remember) when we think of customer service and customer experience. Continue reading

Josh LinknerSeptember 29: Josh Linkner on How to Gain a Competitive Advantage Through Reinvention

Shep Hyken interviews Josh Linkner, jazz guitarist, entrepreneur, New York Times Bestselling author and proud, multi-generational Detroiter. In addition, Josh is one of the foremost experts on creativity and innovation, and talks about how individuals and companies should continuously seek ways to reinvent themselves. Tune in to hear Josh share ways to improve the customer experience, and his new, AMAZING business that is shaking up the leadership event category. Continue reading

fran tarkentonSeptember 22: Fran Tarkenton, NFL Hall of Famer, on The Power of Failure

Shep Hyken interviews Fran Tarkenton, the Hall of Fame quarterback who led the Minnesota Vikings to three Super Bowls. But as Fran says, he’s “an entrepreneur, first and always.” That’s why he was building businesses during his playing days, and why he’s developed more than than 20 successful companies during his 50+ years in business. But along the way, Fran has encountered many failures, including his three trips to the Super Bowl. That led him to write his latest book, “The Power of Failure: Succeeding in the Age of Innovation.” Listen to Fran as he explains why he embraces failure and why you should too. Continue reading

CS is ALWAYSCustomer Experiences

It’s an old adage that I’ve mentioned before in my writings and video lessons: People, as in customers, like to do business with people they know like and trust. The knowing and liking is easy. Just creating a good image and having a good reputation makes it easy for customers to want to like you. Be nice and respectful and they start to feel like they are getting to know you. But, the trusting is more difficult. You have to earn your customers’ trust by following through and creating a predictable experience. Continue reading

Jeffrey HayzlettSeptember 16: Jeffrey Hayzlett on How to Think Big, Act Bigger

Shep Hyken interviews Jeffrey Hayzlett, keynote speaker, bestselling author and global business celebrity. The two discuss Jeffrey’s new book, “Think Big, Act Bigger: The Rewards of Being Relentless,” and highlight some of the key concepts such as empowering employees and creating positive tension in a business. Listen as Jeffrey explains “The Katelyn Rule” (you’ll love the story), as well as why the best leaders sometimes need to stretch their employees. Continue reading

Second Chance for Loyalty

Customer Service Lesson

I arrived to check in at one of my favorite New York City hotels, only to be disappointed that the hotel was under extensive renovation. Instead of walking into a beautiful lobby, a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle on the street, I experienced unfinished construction and the smell of sawdust and paint. Their cool and trendy bar that was usually packed with “beautiful people,” was temporarily cut down to about a quarter of its size with very few customers.   Continue reading

mark schulmanSeptember 8: Mark Schulman on How to Harness Stage Fright and Give a Rock Star Presentation

Shep Hyken talks with Mark Schulman, world class Rock ‘n’ Roll drummer, about his new book, “Conquering Life’s Stage Fright: Three Steps to Top Performance.” Mark discusses using your excitement, as well as the audience’s energy, to create a passionate presentation. After giving inspiring performances to sold-out arenas around the world while he was touring with artists like Foreigner, P!nk and Cher, Mark now inspires audiences in the business world as a keynote speaker and author. Tune in to hear some AMAZING stories, and Mark’s tips and tricks on how to give a rock star presentation. Continue reading

September 2: Craig Smith on How Marriott Creates an Amazing Customer Experience

Shep Hyken speaks with Craig Smith, president and managing director of Marriott International (Asia Pacific). From his days as the assistant housekeeping manager to his high-level role today, Craig has placed an emphasis on supporting and caring for his employees. In turn, his staff takes care of their customers/guests, which leads to high customer satisfaction. Regardless of your industry, you need the right people with the right attitudes who want to make others happy. Continue reading